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Puzzlosophie. In all dimensions.


Our puzzlosophical approach.

Puzzle time = people + process + system + organization. Only together do many pieces of the puzzle form a dynamic system in which everything and everyone meshes together. The key to your success: an individual puzzle. We encourage change. We create trust for the new. We arouse enthusiasm.  

... ready.steady.puzzle.

Our puzzle pieces.

Every company consists of many individual pieces, and so does

Get to know our puzzle pieces.



Anyone who starts something new needs to know where the start, target and waypoints are. We use appropriate methods to create the necessary foundations for successful implementation.

... get started.



Helping people help themselves?

With a lot of commitment, passion and heart, we accompany people on a professional and emotional level on their individual path to a personal experience of success. 

... be coached.



Properly paced?


With changing speeds of implementation, necessary recovery phases are taken into account. All steps count, especially the small ones. We provide support as an experienced pacemaker. ​

... run steady.

big data

Organized data lake?

Whether structured or unstructured data, they all contain information. Actively engaging with internal and external data opens up new avenues in communication.

... speak data.



Digital equals ideal?

We provide the right impetus for designing a digital strategy and its sustainable and successful implementation.

... go digital.


life cycle

Change perspective?

Through a holistic approach, we systematically highlight blind spots and give new perspectives a chance.

... think system.


Need a boost of freshness?

With great passion and a lot of energy we manage to inspire people and  to get carried away. It is precisely this energy that breaks up the old and creates space for the new.​

... be ready.



Energy tank empty?

We put people at the center. Together we find out what's not working out and give the right impulses for individual sources of strength.

... get energized.



Want a new wind?

Want a breath of freshness? We support all aspects of creative and innovative thinking with suitable techiques and methods. And that sets a new framework.

... be innovative.

About me.

For more than 10 years as an entrepreneur and puzzlosophine of the first hour, I am still: Simply different. I see myself as your partner at eye level, the energy booster for all upcoming changes. With a lot of heart and passion, I accompany you through the challenges of organizational change. Whether these are intentional, unforeseen or necessary. I am there. For you. Fully commited.

Let's develop sustainable ideas ...
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Rethinking: breaking new ground ...
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Let's puzzle these ways together.

... ready.steady.puzzle!


At this point we know that you now know what to do here ;-) ... and you know that we now also know what we will do afterwards.

Alfred-Feierfeil-Strasse 3

2380 Perchtoldsdorf

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Thanks for puzzling!

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